Hot and Spicy Trends fuel an increased interest in Kalsec® Heat Management Products

kalsec logoBased on a recent survey of US consumers ages 18 and older, 80% of those surveyed now enjoy hot and spicy foods, and 25% of consumers admit to eating spicy foods more often than they did one year ago. And, not only are consumers becoming increasingly interested in the type of ingredients used to make hot and spicy foods, but their meal choices also indicate a greater desire for more complexity in their "heat experience."

In response to this growing trend for more hot & spicy food options, Kalsec® has expanded their product offerings to include a full range of heat management innovations including; HeatSync® Systems, Fusionary™ Heat, Szechuan Pepper Extracts, ClearCap® Super Soluble Capsicum and a complete line of specialty peppers that include ancho, chipotle, guajillo, habanero and jalapeno.

To learn more about the results of Kalsec®'s Hot and Spicy Trends Survey or to get more information on these new Kalsec® products, visit and contact Skidmore Sales for samples.