July, 2019 - Plant Based Foods Association and NSF International Launch Plant Based Foods Certification and Stamp

Consumers are gravitating towards healthier diets, and veering towards flexitarian, and vegan lifestyles to increase their consumption of plant based foods.

According to the Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA), the plant based foods market has grown 11% over the past year, bringing the total market value to $4.5B. In a recent press release, the association along with the Good Food Institute released new data that shows tremendous growth in plant based foods compared to the total US food retail market.

According to the release, “the plant-based meat category alone is worth more than $800 million, with sales up 10 percent in the past year. Plant-based meat now accounts for 2 percent of retail packaged meat sales. Refrigerated plant-based meat is driving category growth with sales up an impressive 37 percent. In comparison, sales in the conventional meat category grew just two percent during the same period.” (see the PBFA data here.)

In response to this market shift, new plant-based labels are popping up on retailer shelves daily. The PBFA mission is to continue to grow the plant-based market and instill confidence in plant-based products.

In a joint effort with NSF International, the new (and only) plant based food certification was recently launched.Foods eligible to receive this certification include: meat, poultry and seafood alternatives; egg substitutes, dairy alternatives and many more. Tofurkey, Oatly and Country Crock Plant Butter were the first brands to be certified. The PBFA is quick to point out that this certification is different from the vegan label on many points.

These include:

  • Certified Plant Based focuses on plant-based meat, egg and dairy alternatives, while the vegan label can be applied to a wide range of food and non-foods.
  • While the word vegan tends to focus on what is not in the food, the PBFA Certified Plant Based seal defines what the food is made of, namely plants.
  • Certified Plant Based foods are independently verified by NSF International and must pass its review before the label can be used. In contrast, the vegan label does not require third-party, independent verification.  Independent verification provides a higher level of objectivity and integrity to claims.

Review the label differences here.

Want to learn more about the plant-based food certification? Click here to go to the NSF website.

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