Gluten Free Is Here To Stay

Consumer trends including the use of, interest in and positive opinions about Gluten Free continue to gain wide recognition by food manufacturers, retailers and food service chains. And, research shows twenty (20%) percent of shoppers now consider Gluten Free when making their purchase decision. In response to this growing interest, more food producers are delivering more delicious Gluten Free products to consumers.

Whether it is a retailer stocking Gluten Free items, food chains like Whole Foods hosting Gluten Free festivals or food-service chains like Carrabba's Italian Grill launching Gluten Free menus. Gluten Free is now ubiquitous.

Bakery and snacks are becoming the major launch categories for Gluten Free followed by sauces and seasonings, and processed meats. Recent new product launches in the cereal category has propelled its growth even higher.

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