February, 2019 - Van Drunen Farms: Three Things To Avoid with Clean Label Ingredients

On their website blog, Van Drunen Farms recently looked at the clean label movement, and things to keep in mind when food manufacturers decide they need a cleaner label, and more specifically things to avoid. 

“When I was a kid, we had fruit punch and juice with flavors like Groovy Grape, or Wacky Watermelon. Was there any real watermelon in there? Absolutely not. Today, mothers give their children 100% fruit juice, or better yet, real fruit.”  Kerry Sikorski, Quality Compliance Manager at Van Drunen Farms, has noticed the change in how consumers choose products, and specifically reflected in how parents feed their children.

And while it’s true, parents want their children to eat real food with real nutritional benefits, Van Drunen explains the clean label movement goes far beyond children’s foods and beverages.    According to Van Drunen, the trend has “saturated the industry.”

Their blog discusses first, what “Clean Label,” means, and then goes deeper to discuss what food manufacturers need to avoid in order to appeal to clean label consumers.  Sikorski then identifies three interconnected standards, emphasizing that distinguishing between them will help when creating clean label ingredients: 

  • synthetic ingredients
  • highly processed ingredients
  • artificial ingredients  

The blog offers insight into the benefits of moving to clean label and encourages readers that there may be more than one way to do so.  They go on to urge readers to rely on insight from their consumers when choosing what clean label means to their formulas.

You can read the complete blog here.

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