February, 2019 - Tate & Lyle Report Looks at Trends in Dairy Alternatives

According to Tate & Lyle, what began as a niche market for lactose intolerant consumers has grown into a mainstream market and an opportunity for growth for food and beverage manufacturers.

In a recent report, Tate & Lyle looks at the growing demand for dairy alternatives as consumer interest climbs.

From market drivers to new product launches, the study looks at the trend across the globe. 

Stating “In the United States, even consumers who aren’t lactose intolerant often cite digestive health as a motivation for purchasing dairy alternatives, with 21 percent reporting interest in milk that’s easy to digest and only 9 percent reporting interest in lactose-free dairy milk,” the report goes on to suggest that the move to dairy alternatives stems from the “free from,” movement.

Tate & Lyle also recognizes the formulation challenges relating to taste and texture that are presented when developing products with dairy alternatives.   “Mimicking the taste and texture of dairy milk is one challenge; mimicking its nutrition profile is another. Dairy alternatives often need to be fortified in order to match the levels of protein, calcium and vitamin D typically found in dairy products.”

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