February, 2019 - Olam Creating Radical Transparency in Supply Chains

Sustainability and traceability in agricultural supply chains and food systems continue to be two of the hottest topics talked about all over the globe. Studies show that consumers worldwide are increasingly demanding more assurance that what they purchase is safe and sustainable for both people and the planet. 

According to a survey conducted by Futerra, 96 percent of people in the US and UK feel their own actions such as donating, recycling or buying ethically can make a difference. 

While this is important, brands are actually the ones that have a key role to play. Eighty-eight percent of consumers in the US and UK want their favorite brands to help them be more environmentally friendly and ethical in their daily lives.

Further, according to a new report from Label Insight and the Food Marketing Institute, 75 percent of shoppers say they will switch to a brand that provides more in-depth product information, beyond what is just on the physical label.

Not only do consumers want their favorite brands to be more sustainable,  they also want traceability, and a closer connection to their food.

These demands have landed the global food and agri-business sector into a time when “radical transparency” is being called for by consumers. This is driving major food companies to reveal the details behind the ingredients in their food products including origins, how and who it was farmed by, processing details, and environmental and social impacts of producing their products.

Olam has taken a huge leap to support our customers in providing the traceability and sustainability data demanded by the new-age consumer marketplace. Companies that can provide verifiable, quantifiable, and impact-related data on their supply chains will gain a competitive advantage over those that cannot. 

In April 2018, Olam launched a pilot version of a new digital sustainability offering which is now in full implementation of this program across its supply chains globally.

AtSource is a comprehensive, three-tiered sustainable sourcing solution in the Agri B2B marketplace. It seamlessly connects manufacturers directly through the source of their supply, across the entire journey from field to processing, country of origin to destination market. This insight helps manufacturers to shape real change on the ground and meet various social and environmental targets.

AtSource offers reassurance that suppliers are engaged on responsible sourcing principles and practices under the Olam Supplier Code.  

AtSource+ focuses on 12 sustainability topics with over 80 indicators, starting at the farmer group level. It uses granular traceability and advanced environmental footprinting to track right from the farm through logistics, processing and delivery to the customer.

AtSource∞ is our ambition to transform the supply chain by delivering a net positive impact at scale. These programs, co-created with customers and other partners will significantly regenerate landscapes in which farmers prosper and communities thrive.

In January, Olam Spices launched US Onion and Garlic in the platform, and Olam has set a very ambitious goal to have 100 percent of all Olam products and ingredients AtSource ready by 2025.

To learn more about AtSource, visit Atsource.io  

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