January, 2019 - Ingredion Offers Insights Into Gluten-Free Market

According to Ingredion, consumers are seeking gluten-free products without a medical reason to do so.  In fact, their proprietary research conducted with Mintel indicates 46% of consumers eat gluten-free for reasons other than intolerance/sensitivity.   In the study of more than 1,000 consumers, 61% indicated they eat gluten-free at least half of the time.

The latest Ingredion idea labs I2S infographic outlines the key findings from this research.  Download the infographic here.

Ingredion also recently released a new whitepaper “Advanced Ingredient Solutions for Gluten-Free Tortillas.”  It discusses the ingredients and solutions that allow you to address the trends and achieve the texture of bakery products that contain gluten in those that don’t.

According to Ingredion, “Some of the challenges to overcome when formulating gluten-free tortillas include the dry, powdery, and rubbery texture, the off flavor and color, and the poor rollability. Decreased shelf-life is another challenge that is closely associated with gluten-free tortillas due to increased water mobility. The nutritional profile for gluten-free tortillas can also be significantly different from wheat-containing ones due to the lack of protein, nutrients, and fiber.”

The whitepaper addresses these challenges utilizing their “Dial-in Texture Technology,” and offers a case study that demonstrates Ingredion’s capability to fine-tune tortilla texture profiles.

Download the whitepaper here.

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