December, 2018 - Tate & Lyle Developing Tools Designed To Predict Product Performance

Tate & Lyle recently announced that they are investing in the development of TEXTURE-VANTAGE® EXPERT SYSTEMS, a suite of texture design tools aimed at taking the guesswork out of formulation challenges.

According to their recent press release, “The TEXTURE-VANTAGE® suite of tools is being developed for use by Tate & Lyle scientists to help customers address their formulation challenges more efficiently... In the future, some elements of the TEXTURE-VANTAGE® suite are going to be made available to Tate & Lyle customers to access directly, beginning with “Texture University,” which launched in November.

The release continued, “As a formulation-centric technology, Tate & Lyle’s TEXTURE-VANTAGE® suite of tools brings together a rare combination of functional insights, interactive starch selection tools, and predictive modeling. According to Judy Whaley, VP, Global R&D, Texturants: “TEXTURE-VANTAGE works together to provide a much richer experience with lasting educational significance for participants.”

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See the full press release.  

Visit the Tate & Lyle TEXTURE-VANTAGE® webpage here.