November, 2018 - Kalsec Discusses the Impact of Color Flavor Interaction in Recent Review

According to their website,, “Approximately 80 percent of what we experience through the senses is visual. Nine out of ten consumers place visual appearance and color above other factors when shopping.  

As many as 85 percent of consumers place color as a primary reason for why they purchase a product.“  Kalsec’s Shane T. McDonald, PhD Principal Flavor Chemist, recently wrote a review in the Advances in Food Technology and Nutritional Science Open Journal that describes how color influences our brain’s perception of flavor. The study looks at the correlation between color and consumers’ perception of flavor and their ability to accurately identify flavors. 

McDonald cites wine tasting and beer tasting studies to discuss the tendency for “congruency seeking,” when trained assessors felt they relied more on chemosensory information when in fact they relied on visual information.  McDonald explains how these findings can be utilized to directly affect consumers’ overall satisfaction.

Download the complete review here.

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