Ingredion's WEIGHTAIN™ Helps Cut Calorie Consumption

ingredion logoConsumers want a weight management ingredient that works without leaving them hungry. At the recent SupplySide West Expo in Las Vegas, Ingredion showcased a new satiety ingredient that has been shown in clinical studies to help consumers reduce their caloric intake by 50 to 100 calories per day. A recent study from the University of Liverpool shows that subjects who ate foods prepared with WEIGHTAIN whole grain satiety consumed 5% less food at lunchtime and 7% fewer calories at dinner.

Further research shows consumers have a high interest in weight loss issues and solutions:

  • 75% of dieters feel they could successfully lose weight if they could manage their hunger
  • 74% of consumers are "extremely" or "very" interested in fiber and satiety
  • 60% of consumers report being overweight
  • 58% of shoppers surveyed have weight loss as their primary weight management goal
  • 44% of shoppers always or usually have difficulty controlling portion sizes
  • 28% of dieters/weight managers find the label claim "lose weight without feeling hungry" of greatest purchase intent for satiety-formulated foods and beverages.

As a clinically-proven, whole-grain based weight management solution, WEIGHTAIN helps consumers maintain their weight by effortlessly reducing daily caloric intake and managing hunger. Clinical studies prove satiety effect can be seen at 20g per eating occasion of WEIGHTAIN satiety ingredient. This dose is perfect for bar, shake and instant soup applications that help consumers trim 50 to 100 calories a day without effort.

Leveraging Ingredion's proprietary high-amylase resistant starch, whole grain, hydrocolloids and proprietary composite technology, WEIGHTAIN satiety ingredient delivers on three of the most validated satiety mechanisms:

  • Resistant starch fermentation in colon triggers satiety, decreasing feelings of hunger.
  • Increased gastrointestinal viscosity prolongs absorption, reducing calorie absorption.
  • Whole grains delay digestion by decreasing the feeling of hunger.

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