Who We Serve At Skidmore Sales & Distributing

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At Skidmore Sales & Distributing, our customers will always be our top priority. In fact, we treat our customers like partners because we are only successful when our customers and suppliers are successful. For over half a century, Skidmore Sales & Distributing has served the 35 states, beginning with the greater Cincinnati, Ohio metro area and expanding to a nationwide company. 

We serve companies of all varieties and sizes, working to provide each business with a personalized solution for their needs. Our hands-on approach has proven helpful to our customers because we are more than just a distributing company. Here are some of the ways that we serve.

Purchasing and Operations

Getting your hands on the products you need in a speedy fashion can be the difference between a smooth week and a week spent scrambling. If you are in purchasing and operations, you can easily secure even tough-to-get ingredients with Skidmore Sales & Distributing. Our sourcing and supply chain knowledge allows us to get the products you need in your hands, even during volatile market conditions.

You also don’t have to worry about delivery. Our strategically-located distribution points offer local warehousing to reduce lead times and inventory costs. In fact, our perfect order rate is greater than 97%. 

Research and Development

An important aspect of any business, including those in the food industry, is research and development. At Skidmore Sales & Distributing, we partner with our customers to improve products and formulations, guiding you to the best solution featuring the best ingredients. Take advantage of our broad base of specialty ingredients along with our in-depth knowledge of food science. All of our sales team members are experienced food and meat scientists, so you can count on us to help develop future products. 

Business Owners

As a business owner, you don’t have time for distributing mistakes. Not only do we have an in-full delivery rate of over 99%, but we also want to help you grow your business and go to market faster using our turnkey solutions. You can rely on us for smart sourcing and technical advice on ingredients, labeling, quality control, and process improvement. 


Along with our strong relationship with our customers, Skidmore Sales & Distributing also has a strong reputation as a reliable partner to our suppliers. We can help expand your sales through our extensive network of relationships with customers that have been built in our 5+ decades of service. Our sales staff represents suppliers as an extension of their marketing and they will work to boost your sales and keep your customers happy. 

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Our network of customers and suppliers has been the source of all our success at Skidmore Sales & Distributing. When you work with us, you will not only get top quality ingredients delivered to you when needed, but you will also be able to take advantage of our expertise in consumer trends, innovative sourcing, and supply chain strategies. For more information on who we serve at Skidmore Sales & Distributing, contact us today at 1 (800) 468-7543 or fill out our online form.