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Grow your business more efficiently by partnering with Skidmore Sales & Distributing. Experience our unparalleled expertise, friendly service, and smart sourcing. We offer the best advice on ingredients and formulations, backed by expert knowledge of food and meat science. Rely on our supply chain expertise and specialty supplier relationships to support your growing business. We provide true end-to-end service, including complete documentation and guidance on labeling, safety, and quality.

How We Serve Business Owners

As a business owner, when you choose Skidmore Sales you’ll have access to every facet of our services. This means your operations will be streamlined, our expert research & development team will be at your fingertips, and our advice and knowledge will be just a phone call away.

With our turnkey solutions, you’ll be able to grow your business and get to market faster. We also carry ingredients from an extensive range of suppliers, meaning we have access to the ingredients you’ll need whenever you need them. You can always rely on us for smart sourcing, technical advice on your ingredients, labeling, quality, control, process improvement, and much more.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Skidmore Sales is simply the best decision you can make for your business. Two things we can always guarantee are our unparalleled expertise and our dedication to incredible customer service. We always put the needs of our customers first, and we treat them like more than just customers. We treat them like partners. We have the resources, knowledge, expertise, and experience that you want out of your distributing partner. When you choose Skidmore Sales & Distributing, you’ll truly see the difference.  

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You can rely on our 30 years of experience in providing custom repackaging and blending solutions. Skidmore Sales can eliminate complexities, waste, and errors by pre-weighing to your precise batch requirements. Contact Skidmore Sales today for more information and to speak with one of our sales representatives. We look forward to working with you.

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Our sales staff is available to discuss your needs:

● Companies choose us to save money with consolidated purchasing, and to source hard-to-find items from our broad selection of ingredients and suppliers.
● Customers appreciate our turnkey solutions and the technical assistance we provide to find just the right ingredient for new products and reformulations.
● We offer timely, efficient delivery thanks to our professional logistics and our national network of local warehouses.
● Depend on us for innovative products based on industry trends, and custom packaging and blending to suit any requirement.