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Skidmore Sales has developed services to meet both your everyday needs and your toughest challenges. From custom packaging and blending to sourcing those tough-to-find ingredients, our expert solutions are here for you.

Sourcing Ingredients

Lasting partnerships with leading ingredient manufacturers enable us to source hard-to-find specialty items. We stay ahead of industry trends and always deliver the right ingredients at the right time. Sourcing ingredients is one of our many specialties at Skidmore Sales, and we work with the best suppliers around to make sure we’re only providing the highest in quality ingredients. Whether you need organic, natural, clean label, gluten-free, or non-GMO, we have the ingredients for you. Learn more here.

Order Consolidation

Convenience counts — and lowers costs! We’ll consolidate orders from multiple suppliers into a single shipment to reduce logistics costs and lead times, and help you manage your raw material inventory. Don’t be frustrated by ingredient supplier minimum order quantities and ever-changing lead times anymore. Let Skidmore Sales help with our highly efficient logistics and network of local warehouses. Learn more here.

Product Development

Take advantage of our sales team’s hands-on approach and decades of expertise. With an average of over 20 years experience in product development, our food and meat scientists find perfect solutions for new formulation or reformulation. Our extensive knowledge means we can help you with technical problems during development and help you get new products to market more efficiently. Learn more here.

Custom Repackaging

Custom doesn’t have to mean complex. Skidmore Sales simplifies processes, eliminating waste and errors by pre-weighing ingredients to your precise requirements. We adhere to the highest food safety and quality control standards too. This means we can customize the repackaging process to fit your needs. Learn more here.

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● When companies choose Skidmore Sales, they save money thanks to our consolidated purchasing. We also specialize in ingredient sourcing, and can find you the ingredients you need with our vast array of suppliers.
● Customer service is our top priority, which is why we provide convenient turnkey solutions and technical assistance to provide the perfect ingredients for your products and reformulations.
● We have national network of local warehouses, as well as an advanced, highly efficient logistics system. Working with Skidmore Sales means you get timely, efficient delivery of your ingredients.
● Innovative products based on trends in the industry, custom packaging, and blending are all well within our capabilities. In fact, our customers depend on us for them.